15 Facts About Net Neutrality

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One Response to 15 Facts About Net Neutrality

  1. TahoeBlue says:

    The definitions of net neutrality which appear in the graphic (and much of the other content) are pulled from the Wikipedia article on the topic.

    The ‘brochure’ (not really an ‘infographic’) is useful perhaps as a “you are here” summary along the lines of helping answer a Rosanna Rosannadanna question along the lines of “what’s all this talk about net neutrality ?”, but is unfortunately a bit too oversimplified to be definitive.

    The fundamental issues and trade-offs which converge to spawn the debate are of course important, but the term is in danger of simply becoming a slogan that sounds good but no one fully appreciates.

    Additional discussion of the above-referenced ‘definitions’ of “net neutrality” can be viewed at


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